by Ron Tremper

Quick Care Guide - offering step-by-step information for the beginner to intermediate level keeper about leopard gecko natural history, selecting a gecko, size, life span, photos showing how to sex your gecko, caging, food, water, temperature, vitamin/mineral supplementation, handling and temperment and more.

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Assist Feeding

Geckos that have been recently moved often go off feed.  Here is a simple procedure that will jumpstart their feeding response.

1)  Pre-kill several insects by pinching the head of 2-3 regular 1" mealworms (not Zophobas) Hold one mealworm in one hand.  

2)  Pick up your gecko with your other hand - nose up - and tap the eye and/or jaw line with your thumb so that the gecko opens its mouth.  


3)  Drop dead mealworm into the mouth of your gecko.  Keep the nose upwards at all times. If the gecko spits out the mealworm then keep repeating steps # 2 and # 3 until it swallows.  

4)  Repeat daily so that the gecko gets 2-3 mealworms.   Often by day three the gecko will start eating on its own.

This procedure works 95% of the time.   Stay with it.  Even if the gecko resists - remember you need to do this to have things go right.    


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