The U.S. Postal Service offers Flat Rate Shipping


1-3 books - Shipping is $36.00 - Mailed in a single Priority Flat Rate Envelope.

4-6 books - Shipping is $72.00 - Mailed in two Priority Flat Rate Envelopes ($36. each).
Submit two separate orders with a maximum of 3 books per order.

7-16 books - Shipping is $95.00 - Mailed in a large Priority Flat Rate Box.
Select the number of books from the dropdown menu. This box can only hold 16 books.

One international customer had a clever idea. Here is his approach: He ordered 3 books. Three books cost $126 delivered. That equals $42 per book. He is going to sell two of the books for $55 each = $110. That leaves him with his one book at a cost of only $16 !! This approach can work with 2 or more books.

Each book will come with an autograph card personally signed by us, but due to my degraded handwriting, we are not offering personal messages.

Normal Delivery Time is 6-10 business days.

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